Establishing an integrated between business knowledge and IT system experience in order to strengthen the business of our customers and aiming to realize effective competitive advantage through the implementation of a Logistics and Supply Chain system in Thailand.

For over twenty years, ATOMS CS has been implementing comprehensive IT systems offering Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) to connect customer’s business needs to IT applications. The enrollment projects covered automotive, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, retails, wholesale distribution, engineering and construction industries.

Through this long experience, ATOMS CS has acquired a lot of technical know-how on how to successfully ERP, advanced Logistics, Supply Chain implementation projects. Recently, the synergy of Logistics and Supply Chains have been leading into competitive tools and one of a major business drivers. To meet with the increasing demands, ATOMS CS adding mobile technology based on open architectures to enhance on customer’s value chain by supplying services that are convenient and friendly to the end users.
Today and others, our core business lies in the provision of highly-skilled business experts and multi-discipline consultants for demonstrating technical and professional roles, and we will continue our professionals on providing useful and resonably priced IT project implementation to various organizations, and strive to be a responsible leader of the next generation by extending our efforts for development of ERP, Logistics and Supply Chain project.

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