Exercising successful IT project development could leads numerous benefits e.g. operating cost reduction, value creation and efficiency enhancement, ATOMS CS assists, takes ownership and helps the transition to successful your IT implementation projects with well-defined consulting methods in the following services.

Logistics and Supply Chain Healthcheck
Logistics and SC Healthcheck delivers a detailed diagnosis of your current supply chain operations including operating cost, material flow and lead-time supplemented by high-level process mapping. Based on this fact-based approach, ATOMS CS performs a detailed diagnosis of your current operations and delivers value-driven solutions that meet your business goals. Based on the diagnosis, our personnel of experts make recommendations, which are tested and prioritised using simulated future supply chain scenarios. The results form the basis of the implementation roadmap which specifies practical solutions that help meet your business goals.

Tailor-made Training Courses
Apart from process excellence, achieving logistics or supply chain excellence are needed the right talent and culture to drive effective execution of logistics and supply chain processes, but improve them as well. Yet, it is challenging for organizations to deliver relevant, timely and cost-effective training to their supply chain workforce.
Therefore, ATOMS CS offers supply chain-specific courses needed to help the supply chain workforce become more versatile business professionals and capable for IT investment projects.

Business Process Analysis and Reengineering
ATOMS CS’s members comprised of qualified Industrial Engineers and equipped with the industrial knowledge to assist our customers in analyzing and improving their business
processes. The process analysis and improvement comprise of 3 main phases:
- Analyze the current as-is situation;
- Propose the future to be solution; and
- Identify processes needed to bridge the gap between the asis and to-be.
Industrial Engineering tools and techniques such as business process mapping and modelling, time and motion studies, data analysis, simulation modelling, facilities design, statistical control, bottleneck and throughput analysis and waste reduction would be applied in every phases.

Consulting Services
ATOMS CS is a business solutions provider offering consulting services and methodologies designed to address IT systems needs ranging from strategic planning to ERP, logistics and supply chain optimization. Our consultants reflect the diversity of disciplines involved in business and IT expertise; the portfolio including IT systems design and development, project management, education and training, and development in accordance with our customer’s needs in a solution provider and consultancy capacity.

Post-Implementation Services and Data Management
ATOMS CS strives to render services of highest quality to our customers. This service is conducted after a project has been completed. The purpose of this service is to support our customers to evaluate on how successfully the project objectives have been met. This service help our customers identify lessons learned which will assist in planning, managing, and meeting the objectives of future projects

This is our core services, to integrate our knowledge, strength and experience on IT project
implementation to meet whatever customer’s needs covering Business Process Analysis, Education and Training, ERP, Logistics or Supply Chain implementation project, and Post-Implementation Support and Data Management.

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